Sell Your Home FSBO with a Transaction Agent

How you can still sell your own house For Sale by Owner (FSBO) and utilize the services of a professional realtor? Here’s how…Use a Transaction Licensee. Every heard of a transaction licensee? Most people haven’t. A transaction licensee is defined by the Real Estate Licensing and Registration Act (RELRA) as such: A transaction... Read More

Why Move to Brentwood Boro?

Let’s start with Location, Location, Location! Brentwood Boro is centrally located, in the South Hills. Just 15 minutes to downtown Pittsburgh, Oakland, Station Square, Southside, Waterfront, Kennywood, South Park, Bethel Park, anywhere is easy to get to from here! Brentwood is a really unique borough, it’s a wonderful place to live. If... Read More

Remodeling Your Home: For Sale or For You?

There are two main reasons that people have for remodeling their homes. The first is to please themselves. The second is to update it in order to make it more marketable for sale. What’s important to remember is to not “over-remodel” if you are thinking of selling. Remodeling to the extreme... Read More

5 Inexpensive Home Staging Ideas in Pittsburgh

So what do you do when your broker informs you that he would like you to start blogging for the company? Well, when you’re a woman who doesn’t post anything but pictures of momentous occasions on Facebook periodically, you panic slightly. Putting things out there for the internet community to... Read More