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Know your Real Estate Holding Costs

Whether you are buying, selling, flipping, or renting, holding costs can be a hidden part of your daily expenses that are often absorbed, but should never be forgotten. What are holding costs? Holding costs (also knows as carrying costs) – Are costs or expenses associated with owning or maintaining a property that an individual or […]

Homebuying Myths

Oftentimes, the thought of homeownership seems daunting and many questions come to mind.  What is the best route to take? Where should I buy?  Would I make a good landlord?  What type of property should I purchase?  Should I start to invest in real estate? I write this post to help debunk certain myths about […]

Buying a Home in Baldwin Township

Many people have searched homes in Baldwin Borough or considered moving to Whitehall. Lots of these buyers are familiar with the Baldwin Whitehall School District and like the community and pace of the South Hills of Pittsburgh. One thing we find is that often buyers forget to check out Baldwin Township. Consider that the average […]