A Leading Property Maintenance Company in Pittsburgh

BC Artman Real Estate does much more than just help people buy and sell property, we also engage in a variety of property management and maintenance activities for both landlords and homeowners.

We specialize in 1-4 unit properties typically within the South Hills of Pittsburgh. Most of our customers are individuals who have full time employment outside of their real estate business, but choose to own a few rental properties in order to provide an extra revenue source. In addition to several of our professional customers, some of our clients find themselves enjoying retirement life, and just don’t have the time for the daily routine of property management and maintenance.

Your time is valuable and doesn’t need to be spend worrying about cutting grass, changing light bulbs, leaking faucets, squeaky doors, and the never ending list of yearly upkeep in takes to keep your investment looking good. That’s where we can help. Go ahead and enjoy your vacation with your friends and family without having to worry about the phone ringing to repair your running commode or hot water tank.

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We can save you time and money. Here’s how.

Time is money, so spend less time with dealing with the maintenance and more time away from your properties. We have the staff to provide quick and affordable services without always having to hire busy third party contractors that may not have the time for your tenant’s work order. BC Artman Real Estate has developed many quality relationships with professional contractors who provide excellent service at affordable prices. This allows us to pass along our savings to you. Furthermore, because so many of our properties are within a few mile radius from our office here in Brentwood. We are able to streamline the process and minimize travel time and trip charges for our clients, even during busy times of the day or weekends.

As a licensed PA Contractor #PA079597 we have been assisting property owners with their maintenance needs for decades. Tired of struggling to find a reputable and reliable contractor in the area to handle your real estate repairs and maintenance issues, we can help. Looking to spruce up your home to get ready for rent or sale, let us assist. Need ideas on how to maximize your revenue and minimize your costs, let one of our professional agents show you the way.

Property maintenance can be a hassle for individuals who may not be readily available when the phone rings with a problem at your property, but with our assistance, you can sleep well knowing that BC Artman Real Estate. is there looking out for your best interest and to protect your investment. We strive to make repairs in a timely manner and to avoid any resident inconvenience. Our contractors will always provide both quality and professional service at reasonable prices.

Call now 412-884-4900 for a free consultation or estimate or contact us.