Pittsburgh Property Management Services

BC Artman Real Estate is a fully licensed and insured property management company and has been providing a valuable service for homeowners who want an affordable and professional alternative to managing their own properties offering a variety of real estate management for both landlords and property owners. Property management can be a tedious and stressful process and can require homeowners to be pulled away from their already busy schedules, at unreasonable times throughout the days, nights, and weekends. With readily available staff, emergency contact numbers, full-time maintenance, and over 60 years of rental experience, we will provide you with a reliable and trustworthy environment to ensure both the owner, residents, and property are all well cared for.


Our Customer Philosophy

In order to provide the best possible service with the quickest response time, BC Artman Real Estate has focused our attention toward a specific management model which we have been specializing in for nearly 60 years. This model includes but is not limited to, 1-4 unit properties typically within the South Hills area of Pittsburgh. In addition to the smaller multi-unit properties, we have carved out a niche for single-family homes in several of the local communities. Our goal is to find long-term good standing tenants who want to become part of the community that they reside in. We have developed a proven formula that works, and both our residents and homeowners have been extremely satisfied with our service.

We often work with customers who own a few properties that they have accumulated over the years, as well as real estate professionals who can no longer handle the demand of owning several properties. We here at BC Artman Real Estate understand that Time is Money and that often our customers just don’t have the time to deal with demanding rental business. Several of our customers are individuals who have full-time employment outside of their real estate business but choose to own a few rental properties in order to provide an extra revenue source. In addition to several of our professional customers, some of our clients find themselves enjoying retirement life, and just don’t have the time for the daily routine of property management and maintenance.

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How the Rental Process Works

Dealing with vacant properties can be a costly and time-consuming endeavor that most individuals just don’t have the time for. We will advertise in a variety of available media to showcase your home and take the time to screen prospective residents and then move forward with a thorough background check and credit report in order to secure a tenant for your property.

Once we have established a tenant for your property, we will then handle all the leasing, billing, collection of rents, and provide you and the resident with high-quality professional property maintenance in order to safeguard your property. We work with our property owners to ensure that all rents are paid in a timely manner and that a monthly statement is sent to them outlining the amount of rent that was collected, and the deduction of any costs associated with that time period. We provide each property owner with a yearly statement and 1099 tax form so that record keeping and accounting is made simple.

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