One Stop Real Estate Property Investment Shop in Pittsburgh

I am sure that you have heard the expression “one-stop-shop” before, but have you ever applied it to the real estate investment business? Probably not, in which case this is the perfect article for you.

With 60 years as an experienced real estate brokerage company, we here at BC Artman Real Estate have truly developed a unique one of a kind strategy for not only individuals looking to get started in the real estate investment world but also for those investors who have been searching for the right property management company to handle their current portfolio as well as help them grow into the future.

If you are tired of finding agents, contractors, reliable staff, don’t have the time to screen tenants or handle showings, have a busy day job, or family life, well, look no further. Let us handle this for you. We have the perfect formula to take your property from the sales agreement to cash flowing.

Why a one-stop-shop you ask?

  1. Over 60 years as a licensed real estate company helping people buy and sell homes
  2. Over 15 years as a licensed and insured general contractor remodeling properties.
  3. Over 40 years as a property management company
  4. Well-staffed and highly skilled office with full-time property managers and maintenance personnel.

Contact us to help you with your investment property

Here’s our simple 4 step approach…

We have a knowledgeable and professional team of agents, so we can schedule the showings, provide access to the properties, negotiate your contracts, and handle the entire buying or selling process from start to finish.

Once the property has been acquired, and should it need some remodeling work to get it “rental ready” and prior to securing a qualified tenant, we can assess the property in its current condition and give you a proposal to make the right improvements to maximize your returns. Simple things like painting and landscaping, to much larger jobs like a full kitchen and bathroom remodeling. We handle it all.

After the work has been performed, we have a team of property managers who will take pictures, advertise, schedule showings, submit applications, run credit reports and criminal background checks, handle the leasing, exchange the keys, see to it that utilities have been switched, and then handle rent collections and tenant needs on your behalf.

Lastly, once the tenant has moved in, we have several full time in house maintenance on staff, which allows us to move quickly for both the tenants and owners repair requests and can accommodate both small and large jobs as needed. Thus avoiding the need to hire a third-party vendor with expensive prices and potentially unreliable service. We do the work for you, so you don’t have to, which makes for a healthy and happy environment for both the tenants and owners.

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