Know Your Home’s True Value Before Selling to a “We Buy Ugly Houses” Company

Know Your Home’s True Value

If you need quick money, or you have an unwanted property, selling your house for cash might seem like a great option. It’s quick, it’s simple, and it will solve a pressing problem in your life. 

However, as great as that option may seem, there’s a lot for you to gain by taking a step back and thinking about your options before diving in with a cash home buyer in Pittsburgh.  

It might feel like you don’t have any other options, but learning the truth about “We Buy Houses” companies and the true value of your home might reveal a few other doors you previously hadn’t seen. Knowing your home’s true value will put you in a better position to make a rational, informed decision.  

“We Buy Ugly Houses” Companies Will Lowball You 

If you don’t know what your home is worth, it’s easier to be taken advantage of when you sell it for cash. The truth is, these “Cash for Houses” companies often only offer to pay 60-65% of your home’s true value. No matter how quick and convenient these cash home sales are, that is a significant chunk of money they are taking from you. 

Instead of focusing on the 40% they aren’t paying you for your home, these “We Buy Ugly Houses” companies like to focus on some smaller numbers you’ll pay when selling through a real estate agent. They’ll mention the 6% commission, the 2% that goes to closing costs, and other fees such as those that go to repairs. 

So, while it might seem great that these cash home buyers don’t charge you any fees or commissions, remember that they are only offering you 65% of what you should be getting when you sell your home.  

The Advantage of Knowing Your Home’s Worth 

Whatever your reason for selling, knowing the true value of your home puts you in a much better position. Instead of being happy that a cash home buyer is offering you $80k for your home, you’ll know that your house should be fetching something closer to $120k.  

When you have this information at your disposal, you have a clear advantage. If you still prefer to sell your house for cash, you can demand better offers. However, you may also recognize that the best way to get full price for your house is to sell through a real estate agent.  

Even if you want or need to sell your house quickly, selling through a Pittsburgh real estate agent is a viable option. It might not be as fast as selling to a cash home buyer, but you’re guaranteed to make more money selling through an agent. 

If you can make $30k more selling with a real estate agent, but you have to wait three more weeks to get access to that money, you have a decision to make. What would you be able to do with that extra money? Can you afford NOT to wait the extra three weeks? 

Regardless of what you decide, knowing your home’s worth gives you a distinct advantage. 

Working with a Trusted Company Has Its Benefits 

Do cash home buyers have your best interests at heart, or are they only looking to make as much money as possible? Chances are, it’s the latter. While there’s nothing wrong with wanting to turn a profit, much of their profit comes at your expense. 

Working with a licensed and insured Pittsburgh real estate company, on the other hand, is a completely different experience. These companies work for you, so they have a vested interest in ensuring they sell your house for as much as possible.  

Knowing what your home is worth is only half the battle. To actually sell your house for what it’s worth, a real estate company is necessary. If you want to maximize your sale, make sure to work with a trusted real estate company like B.C. Artman & Co. 

If time is of the essence for you, B.C. Artman can still assist you. Just let us know when you need to sell by, and we’ll make it work. Plus, we can improve the curb appeal of your home without putting a dent in your wallet, which can help you make even more money when your house sells. 

If you’re ready to learn the true value of your home, schedule a quick and east home valuation with B.C. Artman. This way, you’ll know how much your house is worth before you make any big decisions.