Property Manager

How to Hire a Property Manager

In the real estate business, the property manager’s role is often trivialized. However, the key to profitable and hassle-free property ownership is hiring the right property manager. But who exactly is a property manager? A property manager is a professional or firm that oversees the daily running of real estate properties for the owners. They function as middlemen between owners and tenants, taking care of activities related to property maintenance, tenant relations, rent collection, etc.
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Coronovirus and Real Estate – How BC Artman is Keeping You Safe.

Like all industries, COVID-19 has brought change to real estate, and how everyday business has been conducted. There are plenty of situations in the real estate business that can be conducted remotely, however, it is hard to complete all proper…

5 Mistakes New Landlords Can Avoid

I’m not claiming to be the Warren Buffett of Pittsburgh real estate investing.  I’m not even claiming that I’m very good at investing in real estate (yet), but I have been through a couple of things over the past couple years that others…

Know your Real Estate Holding Costs

Whether you are buying, selling, flipping, or renting, holding costs can be a hidden part of your daily expenses that are often absorbed, but should never be forgotten. What are holding costs? Holding costs (also knows as carrying costs) -…

Home Renovation: To Shower or Not to Shower

So, you’re thinking about remodeling your bathroom. The burning question is, should you take out that old tub and put a shower in? I’m going to try to help you answer that question. But first, you will have to answer a couple yourself.   First,…

5 Inexpensive Home Staging Ideas in Pittsburgh

So what do you do when your broker informs you that he would like you to start blogging for the company? Well, when you’re a woman who doesn’t post anything but pictures of momentous occasions on Facebook periodically, you panic slightly.…
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Welcome to the NEW BC Artman Website

Thanks for checking our our company and our new website. Our goal with the new site is to take our commitment to service that has always existed at B.C. Artman & Co and translate that into an online experience. We want our customers and…