What projects need done before I list my home?

As a REALTOR® and PA licensed contractor, I get this question all the time from friends and clients. Some of these homeowners are asking for the minimum projects that need to be done to get the home on the market. Other homeowners are looking to make a small investment to achieve a better selling price or a faster sale. Sellers are right to consider a few upgrades before listing a house for sale. As someone who has been listing and selling homes in Pittsburgh for nearly two decades, with a background in construction and remodeling, I am experienced and knowledgeable in the areas which will produce a faster and more profitable sale of your house this Spring and Summer. Below are a few examples of the types of “curb appeal” projects that can help get ready for sale.

The Bare Minimum Needed to Sell

The time your home spends on the market is a real cost to you.  For homeowners who want to get listed fast and keep their investment low, there are some small projects that can be done to make your home sell much faster and smoother. This starts with ensuring your home would pass an FHA inspection or borough occupancy inspection. With a simple walk-through of your home, I can prepare a quote to get these small items handled at an affordable cost. These basic projects range from simple electrical upgrades and safety to chipping and peeling paint to handrails, smoke detectors, fire rated doors where necessary, properly vented hot water tanks and furnaces, or exhaust fans in bathrooms.

A Small Investment for a Larger Return

Often times, potential buyers are looking for a specific area of your home to nitpick about or to point out flaws with in order to make an offer substantially lower than the listed price. In other words, “low-ball” their offer. However, most homeowners aren’t aware that the cost to repair or upgrade these areas might not be as expensive as they once thought. In the South Hills area of Pittsburgh, that area is often one of the bathrooms. The right level of bathroom upgrades in a community and particular area of your home can often have the greatest return on your investment, which often exceeds the amount of the cost by 25% – 50%. Take my hometown of Baldwin for example. The average sold price this quarter has been right around $140,000 for a single-family home. If a seller in Baldwin Borough has a half-bath that was dated and a bit of an eyesore, then an investment into that half bathroom could more than pay for itself. In some cases, a bathroom project of $2500-$3500 could increase your selling price by $4000-$5000 or more as well as get your home sold faster with fewer buyers trying to use the outdated bathroom against you when making their offer.

Ensuring a Quick Sale

Our customers sell homes for every reason in the book. Some homes need to sell quickly for a job relocation or because you have a contingent offer on the home of your dreams. If the pressure is on and you need a quick sale, then some of these small renovation projects which are designed to increase buyer traffic, might just be what you need in order to close the deal quickly.  You can think of these types of projects as additional home staging ideas. In many of these cases, a fresh coat of neutral paint is a good first project to help buyers see the home they want to buy. Another project that helps tremendously with a quick sale is basic landscaping and tree trimming service to make the outdoor space look beautiful. This is extremely important to make any potential buyer feel like the maintenance of the property isn’t overwhelming. Our team can also help with some touchups, minor repairs and even just upgrade your electrical service.

No Obligation for an Expert Review

No matter what your situation, if you are thinking about selling your house and considering some projects before doing so, or just don’t know what minor renovations might give you the greatest return on your investment, then we can help. Give me a call at 412-884-4900. We will schedule a time to walk through your home and discuss your possible projects. If you decide there are some projects you would like to consider, I’ll get back to you with a quote to get all the work done in a quick and professional manner to ensure your home is ready for the busy Spring and Summer selling season. You have no obligation to work with my company.

Let’s get that house ready for sale!

Brandon Renzi
REALTOR®, PA Licensed Contractor