Home Renovation: To Shower or Not to Shower

So, you’re thinking about remodeling your bathroom. The burning question is, should you take out that old tub and put a shower in?

I’m going to try to help you answer that question. But first, you will have to answer a couple yourself.


First, is putting a shower in for the purpose of helping an elderly or disabled person? Then the answer is a definite yes. And adding one or two grab bars inside is also a good idea.

Second, are you aware that the drain and trap for a shower require that you re-plumb? Tub and shower drains are not alike. Then you have the issue of the faucet, which would need to be placed higher on the shower wall. These would be added expenses to consider.

Third, and final consideration: How will having a shower vs a bathtub affect resale?

If this is a second bathroom, no problem.

If this is the only bathroom in the house, and you are considering selling in the near future, you may have to think about how having only a shower may limit who buys it. It seems that most men don’t care, but there is that random guy out there who likes the occasional soak in a tub. Especially if he has back problems. I just sold a house to someone like that.

Then you have us girls. A good many of us enjoy our tub soaks. Even though they may be few and far between, we look forward to those times when we can get one in. Having just a shower robs us of those moments of peaceful bliss…..

Let’s not forget the kiddos. If you can’t use the kitchen sink to bathe a baby, it’s awfully hard to do it in a shower. So a bathtub is a must for most people with little ones.

If you plan on staying, obviously there is no issue. Just remember, when planning, to be sure you have a good plumber to install the correct drainage system and put that faucet up where it’s easy to reach before getting into, and then getting out of the shower. Decide if you want to use a surround-type product or have some nice tile on those walls.

And one more thing, shower curtain or shower door? Well, this is a matter of personal preference and convenience. While shower curtains can be colorful and easily moved from either side, they may not keep all the water off of your floor. Shower doors, however, will keep most of the water inside where it belongs and also show off your beautiful tile.

If you ever need some tips on this subject, please feel free to call me at 412-951-0365.

Rita Mincin