Sell Your Home FSBO with a Transaction Agent

How you can still sell your own house For Sale by Owner (FSBO) and utilize the services of a professional realtor?

Here’s how…Use a Transaction Licensee.

Every heard of a transaction licensee? Most people haven’t. A transaction licensee is defined by the Real Estate Licensing and Registration Act (RELRA) as such:

A transaction licensee provides real estate services without having any agency relationship with a consumer. Although a transaction licensee has no duty of loyalty or confidentiality, a transaction licensee is prohibited from disclosing that:

  • The seller will accept a price less than the asking/listing price.
  • The buyer will pay a price greater than the price submitted in the written offer, and
  • The seller or buyer will agree to financing terms other than those offered.

Like licensees in agency relationships, transaction licensees must disclose known material defects about the property.

In other words, you as a seller can hire a licensed agent to provide all the services as they would under all the guidelines set forth in the Consumer Notice and established by the Real Estate Licensing and Registration Act, but still sell your own property.

Why it benefits a For Sale By Owner to utilize a Transaction Licensee.

We all know that selling a home can often come with a hefty commission paid to a real estate company. Yes, these commissions can be warranted because of the time spent on preparing your home for sale, handling the contracts, overhead, insurance, and most importantly advertising expenses. But, with today’s technology, social media, free home posting sites, and readily available low cost advertising avenues, many home owners are choosing to try and sell their home For Sale by Owner (FSBO) However, as is often the case, a homeowner places a FSBO sign in their yard and finds a ready, willing, and able buyer, but then fails to realize what the next steps are to get this offer from sales agreement to closing.

This is where a Transaction Licensee comes in to play. You can hire the services of a fully licensed and insured real estate professional for a reduced rate from the typical 6% commission. By law, this agent needs to abide by all the rules and regulations as any other listing transaction, but can often save the homeowner hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

One of our qualified licensed associates can see that the sale of your property is handled in a professional manor from start to finish. We can assure that all the contracts are filed property, that both the sellers and buyers obligations are taken care of during the contingency period, coordinate inspections, appraisals, and get your home to a smooth and easy closing.

Want to learn more about the transaction licensee?

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