How to Choose a Real Estate Agent When Buying or Selling Your Home

Buying or selling a home can be stressful. The anxiety can multiply ten-fold if a realty company is not prepared or committed to providing you with the most hands-on approach that will satisfy your needs. Finding the right real estate company can decrease that stress and change your entire outlook on the moving process. Still, for any first-time home buyer or seller, this is not familiar territory. Knowing what to expect when picking out the perfect real estate company is not realistic. Do not go into your home buying or selling experience without partnering with the right realtor. These tips can help pin down your realtor search and provide questions to ask before committing to such an important decision.

Do they use the Internet Data Exchange Program (MLS)?

The Internet Data Exchange is essential for any real estate company. This program widens the net of potential listings in your local area. Simply draw out an area that you wish to see homes for sale in, and every listing in that area will show up. What is essential about the Internet Data Exchange is that it does not miss any listings, no matter the broker or owner. It also has expanded features to narrow the search and make the home buying process as easy as a few clicks on your computer. The Internet Data Exchange Program is user-friendly, displays the most specific options, and casts a wide net of choices. Make sure this tool is in the arsenal of the real estate company that you choose.


Do they understand the local market?

Most large real estate companies know how valuable the Internet Data Exchange program is and feature it on their website. However, this does not end the search for a hassle-free Pittsburgh realtor. Instead, this feature gives you a bird’s eye of view of where to plant your boots and complete the search from the ground. Large real estate companies can guide you to the areas, but some will not fully equip you with all that is needed to settle into a new house or area without issue. In Pittsburgh, different boroughs, suburbs, and towns can have their own regulations and codes. Some of these requirements, codes and tax benefits can change from street to street. Depending on what area of the city you live in, these things have to be considered before moving:

  • Occupancy Inspection
  • Dye Test
  • Sewer Test
  • Public Transportation
  • Waste tax

It is one thing to point out a place and want to live there. Understanding the needs, and what kind of testing needs to be scheduled and passed can be a tedious and expensive task. Especially when some of the lines of boroughs and townships get blurred, and it becomes harder to pin each code or tax implication to each area of the city. This is where having a local realtor who is experienced and familiar with the city can be a tremendous asset.

Do they work closely with you and understand your wants and needs?

Find a realtor who has local knowledge, is a realtor who can use that knowledge to guide you into finding the perfect fit. This may mean sifting through a plethora of houses and scheduling various appointments. Will your real estate company be hands on? Are they looking out for your interest or looking to make a sale? How involved will your realtor get to make sure that you have no qualms about your move? For as many questions as you have for them, they should have more for you in the hopes of discovering the perfect house that fits all your desired features. When it comes to picking a real estate company, too often, buyers are unsure what they are looking for and get put into a situation where they may miss out on potential options, or experience issues during the move-in process, and down the road. Finding the right realtor will put you in the perfect area that meets all your needs, with a house that is up to standard and maintained for a long-lasting move.


B.C. Artman checks the boxes

B.C. Artman has access to the Internet Data Exchange Program (MLS) that spans as big as any large real estate company. However, on top of providing all of the listings available with the ability to pinpoint your needs, B.C. Artman also has a hands-on staff that is committed to filling your buying and selling needs. What makes the B.C. Artman staff so valuable is not only their dedication, but the fact that every real estate agent has grown up, and lives in Pittsburgh. We take pride in our community and come from every area of the city, which makes us familiar with all the local code certifications and gives us the knowledge to make those repairs before an inspection takes place. Speaking of repairs, B.C. Artman works hand-in-hand with their own construction company to make repairs and improvements get your house ready to list, also maintain it throughout your process. With the technology of large businesses and the personal touch of local experts, B.C. Artman checks the boxes. If you are looking for a real estate company contact us today.